National Health Policy

Robust regulation and framework—strengthening MoPH capacity and providing full coverage

National Health PolicyAn effective healthcare system needs a robust policy and regulatory framework to guide Qatar’s health sector and ensure quality and accountability. The government regulatory authority has changed several times in recent years to the current authority, the MoPH, and this has caused instability within the health sector. The MoPH must not only overcome this instability but must take leadership in fulfilling its regulatory role in light of multiple challenges. The key challenge is recruitment and retention of highly skilled staff, both Qatari and expatriate, and currently there is a shortage of high-quality human resources.

Healthcare regulation in Qatar needs considerable strengthening. The MoPH must fulfil its role and establish a clear and comprehensive regulatory framework that monitors the healthcare system, ensuring safety and quality, yet not impeding positive progress. This will require a considerable change in policies regarding workforce recruitment and retention. The aim should be to employ the best possible workforce, whether Qatari or expatriate. Qatarisation should be supported appropriately, with Qataris receiving the required mentorship and support needed to fill their roles.

The following are the identified projects for the NHS 2011–2016 required to achieve this goal:

MoPH capacity building

  • Strengthen the MoPH’s ability to establish a strong national regulatory framework, based on evidence, quality and safety standards, and clear policies and procedures. This will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare sector and improve health outcomes for the population

Healthcare professionals

  • Ensure comprehensive regulation of healthcare professionals across all sectors, public and private, to achieve high quality and safe care.
  • Support the establishment of the council for health professionals.

Healthcare facilities

  • Establish national standards and regulations for healthcare facilities across all sectors, public and private.

Healthcare products

  • To protect the public’s safety, ensure that healthcare products and medications are safe and of the required quality, and also that appropriate drugs are available when necessary.
  • Increase the capacity and fortify the roles of MoPH Pharmacy and Drug Control, and strengthen regulation.
  • Implement a national formulary, and guarantee access to and timely availability of medications.
  • Centralise the purchasing of drugs and medical supplies to enhance efficiency and help control costs.

Patient advocacy

  • Establish a patient advocacy body as a neutral, confidential, and independent third party to support patient complaints and rights.

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