Integrated System of Healthcare

Connect and integrate healthcare to ensure quality of care — effective use of information, communication, and process improvement

Integrated system of healthThe future Qatar healthcare system must provide a full continuum of care whereby patients experience and benefit from the system’s cohesiveness and connectedness. Integration is vital to achieving this outcome. Integration creates coherence and synergy among various parts of the healthcare system so that efficiency, quality of care, and patient experience are improved. Figure 8 highlights some of the methods and tools that can be utilised across the different levels.

Integration and quality must be enhanced by the effective use of data, information, communication, and quality improvement processes.

Example of methods of integrating a healthcare systems

Quality improvement

  • Establish a culture of continuous quality enhancement throughout the healthcare system, and a framework for clinical process improvement.
  • Define and disseminate evidence-based national clinical guidelines, patient pathways, and standard procedures for referral and discharge.
  • Establish performance agreements with healthcare providers that link outcomes to accountabilities.

Disease management programs

  • Establish a system of coordinated healthcare interventions that address the full range of needs for individuals with priority chronic conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular illnesses to improve health outcomes.
  • Emphasise prevention of exacerbations and of co-morbidities and complications through the use of evidence-based practice guidelines, patient empowerment strategies, and regular monitoring of patients.

Healthcare data program

  • Access to accurate information is vital for health sector planning, as well as for measuring and monitoring the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the healthcare system and population outcomes.
  • There must be a program in place that defines data requirements, enables stakeholders to meet the requirements, and mandates reporting of these data.

E-health establishment

  • Establish an effective and integrated national e-health system, with a clear governance framework to drive improvements in quality, safety, efficiency, and patients’ experience of healthcare in Qatar, ensuring full compatibility across all levels of care.

Private sector involvement

  • Healthy competition is likely to have a beneficial impact on the quality, choice, and efficiency of healthcare, and the private sector can play an important role in assuming appropriate regulation and quality assurance.
  • The NHS will provide a comprehensive approach to developing private sector involvement in Qatar that addresses barriers to entry, provides clarity on where and how additional private sector involvement should be used in Qatar.

Laboratories Integration and Standardisation

  • A draft National Laboratory Standardization and Integration Strategy has been formulated which will lead to many positive outcomes for Qatar. The strategy will direct the development of policy to support education, training, recruitment, retention and regulation of laboratory personnel, and appropriate licensing and registration.
  • The integration and standardization of Qatar’s clinical, non-clinical and biomedical research laboratories will eliminate duplications or gaps in service. It will lead to mandated quality management processes and appropriate licensing and accreditation for all facilities across Qatar.

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