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WISH's pilot clinic project is 'smart and looking to expand'

WISH's pilot clinic project is 'smart and looking to expand'

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18/04/16 9:46 AM
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Comprehensive World Class Healthcare System
Primary Care as the Foundation
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 SMART Clinic one of the many initiatives originated out of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) recommendations has been successfully implemented as a pilot project in Al Wakra Health Centre and will be expanded to other clinics soon, according to Professor Lord Darzi, the Executive Chair of WISH.

The project was born out of the report presented in one of the past WISH summits entitled 'Accountable Care' to combat the prevalence of diabetes in Qatar. Recognising the WISH's contribution, Lord Darzi drew the media's attention towards the successful implementation of the innovative pilot project 'Smart Clinic'.

Prof Lord Darzi was addressing a media briefing in Doha on Sunday, on the deliberations of the WISH's two-day Midterm Summit, among others.

Elaborating on the pilot project, Dr Mariam A Malik, Managing Director of the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), said:"The project which is currently in its pilot stage is established for early detection of health cases either suffering from diabetes or is at risk of developing diabetes."

She continued,"By using a combination of data analytics and a risk-based screening, the programme identifies those with known diabetes risk factors and invites these high-risk patients to the Smart Clinic for voluntary diabetes screening."

The project started three months ago is bringing in results, too. So far 1,000 people have been screened of the total target of 9,800 Qatari nationals residing in Al Wakra area. Of these, 123 patients were identified as pre-diabetic and 20 patients were diagnosed with diabetes.

Dr Mariam added,"We want to increase health awareness among individuals and in society, which will in turn contribute towards our efforts in achieving a healthy community. This is what the Smart Clinic is aiming to accomplish. We also hope to expand this project to other clinics by next year once its reliability is established."

On the opening of Sidra Medical and Research Center (Sidra), Lord Darzi said,"It is a flagship healthcare project of Qatar which is looked upon by the entire world with a certain amount of interest. However, it is very much expected and normal for any hospital of such a magnitude to be opened in a very gentle way."

According to Lord Darzi, the state-of-the-art Sidra facility will start its out-patient clinic for certain kind of services soon and will open most of the out-patient services by the end of this year. And, following this, Sidra will open its in-patient facilities sometime next year, he added.

The WISH briefing on Sunday also provided a preview of its research and findings ahead of the 2016 summit and under the guidance of its forum chairs. The forum chairs took part in group workshops and open discussions as part of the final phase of their yearlong research initiatives. Their final reports will be made public at the 2016 summit, set to take place on November 29 and 30 in Qatar.

Source Credit: Qatar Tribune

As the National Health Strategy Program 2011-2016 draws to a close, project information is currently being updated and will be available in the coming weeks.

For enquiries please contact the Program Management Office at the Ministry of Public Health.

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  • The Ministry of Public Health [MoPH]
  • Hamad Medical Corporation [HMC]

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