Comprehensive World Class Healthcare System

Shifting the Balance of Care

World class healthcare systemsTo effectively deliver an integrated model of services for the country, Qatar’s health sector must shift the balance of care toward a preventive and community-based model of care with the focus on the patient, ensuring access to the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, by the right team.

The future model will provide a full continuum of care anchored around capable and trusted primary care and a healthcare system delivering the highest quality through standardized diagnostics and treatment.

A patient’s journey through the healthcare system will begin at primary care as the first point of contact to access care, will involve smooth transfer between different components of the healthcare system, and will entail significant provision of care in the community setting.

The ideal model of care must be integrated with different healthcare providers working cohesively to deliver an effective whole. This will require producing national programs and plans that deal with disease management and care pathways across the different entities and levels within the sector. These principles will be applied to developing National Plans for priority areas, including mental health, emergency care and trauma services, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, women’s health, and pediatric care services, for example.

The ambitions of a world class health system as laid out in the QNV 2030 will require Qatar to undergo significant redesign reform. The current system is weighted more toward an acute, curative, hospital-based approach, and the current infrastructure is centered on a hospital-focused model of care. The existing primary care system does not play a sufficiently strong role in preventing, monitoring, and treating diseases.

It is well recognized that Qatar needs to shift to a more preventive and community-based model, with better coordination and improved quality at all levels of care.

Future model of care

The shift will require enhancement of primary healthcare but must also ensure that acute care services meet evidence-based standards and adequately address the needs of the population.

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