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Coordinated planning and control in healthcare infrastructure and finance-affordable healthcare

Affordable-servicesQatar needs mechanisms in place to guarantee that clinically appropriate and cost-effective services are provided through coordination, certificate of need (CON) and development of business cases for major healthcare projects, transparent accounting, and proper cost sharing. From a national perspective, there are two areas that need to be addressed: finance and infrastructure.

The following are the identified projects for the NHS 2011–2016 required to achieve this goal:

In finance:

Budgeting process

  • Institute a comprehensive and accurate account of healthcare spending through a healthcare-specific budgeting process (activity based costing) and defined nomenclature.

More efficient and effective management of treatment abroad

  • Examine treatment abroad and set clear criteria, standardise processes to optimise expenditure and enhance quality of care.

Health insurance establishment

  • Establish the prerequisites needed for national health insurance.
  • Continue with the current work being done on the design and implementation of the future insurance scheme, ensuring that the scheme supports the model of care and appropriately incentivises cost-effective care and treatments.

In infrastructure:

Healthcare infrastructure master plan

  • Provide a framework for infrastructure planning that is a long-term master plan for healthcare facilities and major equipment and yet is dynamic enough to cope with continually changing needs.
  • The healthcare infrastructure master plan should be based on the model of care and services needed for the country as identified in the clinical service framework (CSF).

Capital expenditure committee

  • Establish a committee to which all public providers and any private providers requesting government funds or reimbursements must present all new healthcare infrastructure project concepts for approval based on a CON and business case plan. 

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