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Welcome to the NHS Audio Room, a growing library of NHS interviews and encounters.  

'NHS Insights' is an ongoing series of audio programs developed to explore the context of the NHS and the program and project progress.  For more information please contact the NHS Communication Manager.

NHS Insights Audio Program with health leaders and guests... 

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Dr Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali 150

Dr. Faleh Mohamed Hussain Ali, Assistant Secretary General for Policy Affairs at the Ministry of Public Health.

Part 1: NHS Project Priorities and the Ministry of Public Health's role in their delivery.  
Audio: 2:52

Part 2: How the enormous breadth of the NHS Social Health Insurance project has required wide spread stakeholder engagement.
Audio: 1:50
Part 3: The focus for the National Health Strategy over the next year and into 2014.
Audio: 1: 55
NHS Insights Audio Program with health leaders and guests...
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Dr Salih Al Marri SCH Dr. Salih Ali Al-Marri, Assistant Secretary General for Policy Affairs at the Ministry of Public Health.

NHS Projects underway by MoPH Medical Affairs.

Part 1: NHS Goals and Challenges
Audio: 2:04

Part 2: Key NHS Projects including: Mental Health, Community Pharmacies and Diabetes.
Audio: 2:38

Part 3: NHS Projects within MoPH Medical Affairs.
Key Project Achievements: Nutrition and Physical Activity and Tobacco Cessation. 
Audio: 3:08

Rob Moorhead NHS_Logo_100.jpg

Eng. Rob Moorhead, Director,
NHS Program Management Office

Part 1: Laying the NHS foundations and improving access to healthcare Audio:2:47

Part 2: NHS Building the healthcare Infrastructure
Audio: 3:06

Part 3: NHS Services and developing public awareness
Audio: 2:26

Part 4: NHS 101 - What is the NHS?
Audio: 2:22

Part 5: NHS Health Work Force
Audio: 1:44
Gary Needle Chief of Planning and Performance HMC Qatar 
HMC Logo.jpg

NHS Progress at HMC

Mr. Gary Needle, Chief of Planning and Performance at HMC.

Part 1: NHS Projects with HMC    Audio:1:42

Part 2: Challenges in implementation  
Audio: 2:33

Part 3: HMC progress                      
Audio: 4:13

Part 4: HMC focus going forward    
Audio: 4:45 

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