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National Health Strategy Program Management Office

Ministry of Public Health, P.O. Box 42, Qatar

General enquiries please contact the Director of the NHS Program Management Office,

Mr Robert Moorhead
Phone: (+974) 4407 0465

For website enquiries please the Communications Manager of the NHS Office,

Ms Nicola Hawes

Applying for a job with the Ministry of Public Health? Please contact,

MoPH Human Resources

NHS Projects Directory and Program Support Managers

Mr Robert Moorhead
Director of the NHS Program Management Office (interim cover)
T: 4407 0465

NHS Projects
1.1 Primary Care as the Foundation
6.1 Budgeting Process for Public Health Sector Spending

Mr Steve Archer
Program Support Manager
T: 4407 0467

NHS Projects
1.2 Configuration of Hospital Services
1.3 Continuing Care Design
1.5 Emergency Care Services
2.3 Healthcare Data Program
2.4 E-Health Establishment
3.11 Emergency Preparedness - National Health
7.1 Health Research Governance

Ms Pheona Hurley
Program Support Manager

T: 4407 5158

NHS Projects
1.7 Diabetes Service Design
6.3 Social Health Insurance Establishment

Mr George Clarke
Program Support Manager
T: 4407 0453

NHS Projects
1.8 National Cancer Strategy Implementation Program
3.6 National Screening Program
3.7 Occupational Health
3.8 Maternal and Newborn Health
3.10 Establishment of the Food Safety Authority
3.12 Environmental Health
6.2 Management of Treatment Abroad

Mr Paul Barnes
Program Support Manager
T: 4407 5126

NHS Projects
1.9 Oral Health Design
2.1 Healthcare Quality Improvement
2.2 Disease Management Programs Definition
5.3 Healthcare Facilities Regulation
5.5 Patient Advocacy Framework - Closed Project

Mr Gareth Durling
Program Support Manager
T: 4407 0499

NHS Projects
3.1 Preventative Healthcare Governance
3.2 Nutrition and Physical Activity
3.3 Tobacco Cessation
3.5 Communicable Disease Prevention
3.9 Implementing the National Road Safety Strategy (Health)

Ms Louise Dalton
Program Support Manager
T: 4407 0489

NHS Projects
1.6 Community Pharmacies Strategy
4.1 Workforce Planning
4.3 Professional Education and Training
5.2 Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners - Closed Project
5.4 Healthcare Products Regulation

Ms Joanne Rowse
Program Support Manager
T: 4407 0979

NHS Projects
1.4 Mental Health Design
2.6 Laboratories Integration and Standardization
4.2 Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare Professionals
5.1 MoPH Capacity Build-up
6.4 Healthcare Infrastructure Master Plan - Closed Project
6.5 Capital Expenditure Committee Establishment - Closed Project

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