Qatar National Vision 2030

Qatar’s long-term development strategy, as articulated in the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030, is based on the guiding principles of Qatar's Permanent Constitution. It reflects the aspirations of the Qatari people and the resolve of their political leadership. The QNV 2030 rests on four pillars: human development, social development, economic development, and environmental development.

One key aspect of the Human Development pillar is health, and advancing healthcare is an integral part of realizing the QNV 2030. On an individual basis, healthcare is one of the most important parts of life, with a person’s physical, social and mental well-being affecting every aspect of their quality of life. For a society, healthcare significantly affects social productivity and economic competitiveness. A healthy people ― whose wellness is enhanced through an accessible, effective, and safe healthcare system ― is critical to the future success of Qatar.

This is acknowledged in Qatar’s Permanent Constitution, which states: “The State shall foster public health; provide means of prevention from diseases and epidemics and their cure in accordance with the law.”

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The Human Development pillar of the QNV 2030 recognizes that people are a country’s most valuable asset, and revolves around investing in and developing all of Qatar’s people, enabling them to participate fully in economic, social, and political life and contribute to sustaining a prosperous society. This pillar commits the government to continual human development through the establishment of advanced educational and health systems as well as and diversified participation of Qataris in the workforce and targeted participation of expatriate labor.

”To improve the health of Qatar's population, Qatar aspires to develop an integrated system for healthcare, managed according to world-class standards. This system will meet the needs of existing and future generations and provide for an increasingly healthy and lengthy life for all citizens. All health services will be accessible to the entire population” 

(p. 14, QNV 2030)      Click here to download the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Management of Qatar's National Development Strategy Process

The General Secretariat for Development Planning (GSDP) is a governmental agency created through the Emiri Decision No 39 in 2006 and mandated to draw a national development vision for Qatar, what became the Qatar National Vision 2030.

GSDP is responsible for preparing the periodic medium-term national development strategies that will help achieve the goals of the QNV 2030.

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