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The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) was established to be the highest authority in healthcare in the State of Qatar, and has the mission of carrying out QNV 2030's goals and outcomes.

The MoPH, which oversees national health policy and regulation, has embarked on an ambitious program to enhance the wellness of the people of Qatar so that a vibrant, healthy, and productive society can be established for today, and for the future.

The strategic interventions outlined in the National Health Strategy were formulated by using the priorities highlighted in the situational analysis as a basis; conducting multiple meetings with key stakeholders for each thematic area or goal; carrying out stakeholder interviews with over 85 healthcare professionals; and benchmarking relevant healthcare systems.

The development of the strategy was led by the MoPH with support from the General Secretariat for Development Planning. It was prepared through a full participatory process over a period of five months and was carried out in three phases that correspond to the three reports described earlier.

The process of developing the strategy involved the following groups:

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The Executive Group served as overall oversight for the strategy’s development.

The Task Team reported to the Executive Group and consisted of leaders from major institutions within the health sector. It served as a decision-making body to validate findings and recommendations.

The Planning Team met on a weekly basis to validate hypotheses regarding the situational analysis and to provide guidance on strategic recommendations and implementation plans. The Planning Team also facilitated meetings with key stakeholders.

The Subtask Team

A set of STTs grouped according to the major thematic areas of model of care, public health, financing and infrastructure, regulation and workforce and data, research, and innovation met regularly. Over 30 meetings took place to establish priority issues, strategic recommendations were then made and validated through multiple iterative cycles, and an implementation plan was devised for each topic. Key cross-cutting concerns were also considered within the STTs.

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