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The National Health Strategy 2011-2016 (NHS) is underway and on track to propel Qatar toward the health goals and objectives contained in Qatar National Vision 2030:

  • A comprehensive world-class healthcare system whose services are accessible to the whole population
  • An integrated system of healthcare offering high-quality services
  • Preventive healthcare, taking into account the differing needs of men, women, and children
  • A skilled national workforce capable of providing high-quality health services
  • A national health policy that sets and monitors standards
  • Effective and affordable services in accordance with the principle of partnership in bearing the costs of healthcare
  • High-caliber research directed at improving the effectiveness and quality of healthcare

The strategy incorporates the following principles which underpin the Ministry of Public Health’s National Health Vision 2020: Caring For The Future – Establishing a Healthy Vibrant Society, and aims to enhance the wellness of the people of Qatar so that a vibrant, healthy, and productive society can be established for today, and for the future:

  • People-Centered: Right care, right place, right time
  • Enable peoples’ full potential-focused on wellness
  • Ensure sustainability
  • Stimulate continuous excellence and innovation
  • Evidence-based
  • Achieve highest quality and safety

The NHS proposes changes across the entire healthcare system, through a practical national strategy for health reform that will benefit all people living in Qatar, not only now but well into the future. It consolidates the findings and recommendations of three earlier reports, which have covered the situational analysis, strategic recommendations, and governance and implementation.

This strategy outlines the vision for the future healthcare system outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030 and supports recommendations with analyses, benchmarking, and stakeholder input.

The aim of the NHS is to provide a practical, implementable strategy to be used by the health sector as a means for reform and improvement toward reaching the ultimate goal of a healthy population.

The NHS is one of 14 sector strategies integrated into Qatar’s National Development Strategy.

The National Health Strategy provides a guiding work plan through 39 specific projects and associated implementation plans to achieve the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030. It is a strategy for reform with far-reaching and fundamental changes across Qatar's entire healthcare system.

Find out More about NHS Projects

Health professionals interested in finding out more about the NHS project implementation plans should go to the 'Strategy Goals and Project' section. Under each goal are the goal related NHS projects. Each project has a Project In Detail sub-section which features a project re-baseline plan updated in 2013. 

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